[Arabic] Position of Hands in Salaah

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فتح الغفور في وضع الأيدي على الصدور

Imam Hayat Sindhi manuscript on putting hands on the chest

This is a manuscript of the printed version of the book written by Imam Muhammad bin Ibrahim as-Sindee (d.1163 AH) on the subject of placing the hands in Salaah.

The Imam, declares that the correct Fiqh position and the Sunnah is to place the hands on THE CHEST. Also by placing your hands on the chest does not expel you from being a Hanafi.

The Imam was the teacher of Sheikul-Islam, Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahab, who learnt and obtained an Ijaazah from him in Hadith at the Prophet’s Masjid in Madinah.

The Imam also done a series of refutations of his contemporary, the advocate of the Hanafees, Muhammad Hashim bin Abdul-Ghafoor as-Sindee, on this very same issue. This book being a detailed refutation of him.

Our sheikh, the Muhadeeth of Madinah, Shaykh Dhiyaaur-Rahman al-Aadhamee, has edited this book and added beneficial footnotes to it.

We shall be adding an old printed edition of this book with an Urdu translation soon as well, if Allah wills.

Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon
Head of MSL.

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