[Arabic] al-Ghamghamah by al-Allaamah Abdul-Jaleel Samrodi


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al-Ghamghamah by al-Allaamah Abdul Jaleel Samrodi

(الغمغمة في سنية التسمية عند الأطعمة وغيرها دون البسملة)

This book was illustrated by the great Ahlul-Hadith Scholar, the Muhadeeth of Gujarat, India, the expert of Sahih Bukhari of his time, Abdul-Jaleel bin Allamah Abee Saa`daat Ali Ahmed Samrodi 1308AH/1887-1393 AH/1972) in Arabic and then translated into Urdu by himself.

The noun الغمغمة in the Arabic language means mumbling, the issue researched by Allamah Abdul-Jaleel Samrodi was, what is the Sunnah to say when we start to eat?

Is it بسم الله   or بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ? In addition, the sheikh clarified that there is a difference between the تسمية   and بسملة

He also discussed that in other supplications narrated in the authentic Sunnah should the Muslim say the تسمية   or the بسملة?

This book was written a hundred years ago, the printed copy which is in my possession which we have uploaded is 96 years old, printed with the traditional Indian font Arabic, which was hand written by one of the sheikh’s student.

The Ahlul-Hadith scholars of his time were amazed at the sheikh’s research and intelligence to prove his argument based upon explicit authentic evidence and sound apprehension. They appreciated this essay depicted by the sheikh.

It is necessary for the one who has the love to follow the Sunnah to read this book and comprehend this important issue.

Zulfiker Ibrahim

Head of MSL



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