[Updated] Aqeedatul Raziyain – Abu Taymiya Mohamed Jeylaani

Aqeedatul Raziyain

More will be added soon as Ustaadh Abu Taymiyyah progresses through the book.

Aqeedatul Raziyain Part 1a Detailed explanation of the definition of Iman – Abu Taymiyyah 

Aqeedatul Raziyain Part 1b Detailed explanation of the definition of Iman – Abu Taymiyyah


Aqeedatul Raaziyain Part 2a:
If action is part of iman, then how do we explain the Hadeeth “one gets taken out of the fire and HE DIDNT DO ANY GOOD”?


Aqeedatul Raaziyain Part 2b:
What did imam Ahmed get lashed for??
If Allah can really speak that means Allah has a tongue and a throat?!
Is the Quran created?


The matters pertaining Al Qadar broken down and simplified.

Refuting some of the doubts of the Atheists. Part 3a & 3b




Aqeedatul Raaziyain Part 4a:

Who was the most virtous after the Abubakr RadhiAllahu Anhu?
The Aqeedah of Ahlus Sunnah in regards to the Companions RadhiAllahu Anhum.


Aqeedatul Raaziyain Part 4b:

Some doubts of the Shia/Raafidha
Still some matters pertaining the sahaabah RadhiAllahu Anhum.




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