Our Activities

Thus far, we have achieved and established the following:


  • Lectures and programmes with various scholars and students of knowledge in person, including Shaykh Wasiullaah Abbas (Makkah), Shaykh Aasim Al-Qaryooti (Riyadh), Shaykh Muhammad Al-Maliki (Jeddah) and others.
  • New Muslim classes consisting of lessons covering the basic necessities, such as the basics of Islamic creed, how to perform wudu (ablution) and salaah (prayer).
  • Study circles for sisters.
  • Translating articles of the scholars.
  • Non-Muslim da’wah and distributing free Islamic literature.
  • Regular classes in the English language, such as the importance of the correct Islamic creed and following the Sunnah, etc.
  • Jum’aa (Friday prayer) khutbahs in the English language.
  • Arabic and tajweed courses/classes.
  • A publications department in the UK and Karachi, Pakistan. Currently we are working on projects to publish books in Arabic, English and Urdu.


And much more.


In the future we hope to gain and achieve the following:


  • More programmes with speakers from all around the world.
  • To rectify and educate those with incorrect beliefs and methodologies through various forms of media.
  • Long-term classes for students of knowledge covering all the important Islamic sciences.
  • Classes for children and the youth.
  • Other da’wah related activities in the hope of calling people to the authentic Islaam as practised by the early rightly guided Muslims.
  • Give da’wah to people of other faiths and beliefs.
  • Warn against Terrorism and Extremism and enlighten the masses by conveying the real view of Islam from the speech of the scholars.


With your help and support we hope to continue and improve our services. If you are interested in either volunteering or donating then please contact us.