Biography of Muhammad Tanzeel Siddeeqee Husaynee

Muhammad Tanzeel Siddeeqee Husaynee was born on the 1st Muharram 1400 Hijri, corresponding to the 22nd November 1979. He was born to Shaykh Muhammad AhsanAllaah Diyaanwee, the son of Mawlana Hafiz Muhammad Ayoob whose father was famously known as the Muhaddith,  Abu Tayib Shamsul Haq Adheemabadee (may Allaah have mercy on them). His paternal ancestry traces back to Sayyidinaa Abu Bakr As-Siddeeq (may Allah’s be pleased with him) and his maternal ancestry is famously transmitted, tracing back to Zayd, the grandson of Husayn ibn Ali – the grandson of the Messenger (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him).
His teachers include his father, Shaykh Muhammad AhsanAllaah Diyaanwee and Shaykh Abu Abdul Majeed Muhammad Husayn Baltistaanee. To date, he has written and published many books in the Urdu language, some of which are:

  1. Historical Facts of the Indo-Pak subcontinent
  2. Islam and Modern Times
  3. People of Knowledge and Virtue
  4. Mawlana Muhammed Junagaree
  5. Mawlana Shah Ainulhaq Pehluarwee
  6. Who has the Right to Jerusalem?
  7. Seeking Allah

In addition to this, he has written prologues and explanatory notes for:

  1. Imam Ibn Taymiyya by Maulana Shibli Nu’maanee and Mawlana Altaf Husayn Halee
  2. Mother of the Believers Sayidah Mariya Coptic (may Allah be pleased with her) by Mawlana Hasan Mathna Nadwee
  3. The Family of Ghaznawee by Abdurasheed Iraqee
  4. Who is Disrespectful?  By Abul Qasim Muhammed Ismaeel
  5. Foreign (European) wives and Foreign (European) Husbands by Mawlana Hakeem Mahmood Ahmed Barkatee

He has also participated in writing articles for various seminars including:

  1. “An overview of the general services done by the scholars of Ahlul hadeeth from the Indo-Pak sub-continent” – Organised by the Islamic Research Institute, Islamabad (2004).
  2. “An overview of the spring revolution” – Organised by the Islamic Research Institute, Islamic Da’wah University, and Allaama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad (2011).
  3. “The servant Sharfudeen Ahmad ibn Yahya Muneree and the knowledge of hadeeth” – Organised by the great abbey Bihaar and Khuda Baksh Aurital Library Patna, Delhi.
  4. “Political system of Islam” – Organised by the Islamic Fiqh Academy, India (2012).

Approximately more than 100 papers and articles have been published by him; topics of which include religion, history, biographies, philosophy, politics etc. He is currently the Head researcher of the Urdu section & Publications for Markaz-us-Sunnah, Leicester, UK.

In his Aqeedah he is purely Salafi and in issues of Fiqh he is someone who follows the authentic evidences.

Translated from Urdu to English by Arsalaan Yunus